Frequently asked questions

What is Fursang?

Fursang is a multi-day meetup for enthusiast of the furry subculture and their friends. The meetup consists of several events taking place at different locations. It is organized annually during the late winter/early spring Farsang carnival in Budapest. The name is a wordplay on the hungarian name of the carnival and the name of the subculture.

Do I have to register?

It is important for us to know that which program(s) you are planning to attend so we can organize them accordingly. Your registration does not oblige you to attend.

Can I attend the events even if I didn’t register?

We cannot and will not forbid you from attending the public events (suitwalk, spa). However, several of the programs take place in locations with limited capacity where reservations are necessary. We strongly recommend you to register. Otherwise, it is likely that you will miss these programs.

Do I have to give my real personal details during registration?

Yes, it is really important to enter your real name and birth date, and a valid e-mail address (or Facebook account) you use frequently. You can find more information about the data management and storing under the Rules menu. All the other informations are optional, which is used to help the other attendees recognize you.

Is there a minimum age limit for attendees?

You must be at least 16 years old to attend to Fursang, and 18 to be able to join us at specific programs. The only exception is the suitwalk where there’s no age limit at all.

Is there an obligatory attendance fee?

The programs of the meeting will be held at a private venue, with the cost of rent and any expenses incurred by the participants being shared. The only exception is the suitwalk, it’s completely free for everyone to attend.

How can I support the event?

The organizers welcome any kind of support, be it monetary, material or non-material.
Besides this you’ll have the opportunity to buy sponsor tickets or other products distributed by us. The income will be used to cover organizational expenses.

Can I bring pets to the events?

It’s not allowed to bring pets to the place of the event.

How will we travel in the city?

Between the gathering locations and event locations sometimes we will take public transport services. It is the responsibility of the attendees to travel with a valid ticket or pass. You can purchase these from vending machines or vendor points. It is recommended to use the vending machines as their systems are translated into well-known languages.
If you travel without a valid ticket or pass, you may be fined or removed from the vehicle by ticket controllers. Be aware that if this happens the organizers will not delay the program for you, and you will have to link up with the group on your own.

Will the organizers provide accommodation?

You can find more information about it in the Accomodation menu.

Can I withdraw or change my event registration?

If you have already paid the price of the chosen programs, we cannot provide you a refund.

Can I transfer my registration?

In that case you already paid the prices of the event, but you cannot attend, you can transfer your registration to someone else. If you want to do this, you and the person you want to come instead of you both have to contact Maszat about the exchange.