It’s an international subculture based on the internet, whose members draw inspiration from the fauna of the world to create fictitious characters, or their very own imaginary alternative. The community thus created flees from everyday life into this theoretical world and spends their free time with each others.


Typically this is how we refer to the large, international meeting of the furry subculture, where the members of the community can physically interact with other participants, creations, prominent figures, and traditional programs of the subculture.


This is an initiative that plays an important role in the organization of the Hungarian furry events.


The name of the largest Hungarian meeting of the local furry community, which is held every year in the middle of winter.

...on the rails?

The larger furry events, conventions usually around a theme that not only helps the organizers, but also helps the participants to always have a common stable point in our diverse universe.

What’s next?

If you got interested, you have plenty of opportunities to join our community and follow our events! You can find the furry fandom on every community sites or creator collection portals.

If you want to know more about the community, check out the WikiFur website. Or if you’re interested in the event, consider Registration.